Josey Kahl

Welcome to my Web Page!

"The danger of an adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort." -Paulo Coelho

Welcome to my webpage! I am a junior at St. Croix Falls High School, here you can find my first and second semester junior seminar projects by clicking the links above! Down below you can learn a little bit about me!

It all started at St. Mary’s hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where I, Josey Sue Kahl was born on February 4th, 2003. My mom Jennifer, dad Kevin, brother Jameson, and me all lived in the Madison Metropolitan area by the name of Lodi. First grade was when I moved to St. Croix. Growing up I was quite the character.collage I was always doing things that were not beneficial to my health. For example, swallowing marbles, drinking liquid air fresheners, shoving rocks up my nose, and stepping on broken glass. I wasn’t the only Kahl getting into trouble and making a mess. My brother and I would take millions of blankets, chairs, and pillows creating a kingdom of our own in our tiny, but at the time seemed huge living room. From wall to wall the whole room was engulfed with blankets. Going outside got even better, we were addicts for four wheeling. My brother would hop on and I’d get right on with him clasping my hands around his waist so I wouldn’t fly off the back. Rainy days were our favorite so we could go mudding, then 2 minutes in every inch of clothing was filled with mud, and you bet all the mud would slowly peel off our clothes and get tracked everywhere as we got into the house.
Growing up I have changed a lot. Now, being a junior in highschool I love sports, hanging out with my friends, and being adventurous. Lets just say the first thing on my list now is not drinking a liquid air freshener. I enjoy being on the go and always being active. One of my favorite places close by is coffee talk in Taylors Falls, but I am hoping to go to college in Colorado. I am planning to play basketball in my future, and live in Colorado. One day, I wish to be sipping on some hot coffee, while in my loft in the mountains, gazing out into the endless view of white snow and treetops.

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." -Carol Burnett

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