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   The best preparation for tomorrow         It's not how big you are
        is doing your best today.                     it's how big you play.
~H. Jackson Brown Jr.                           ~Unknown
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What Is This Website

Hello, this is the Noah the creator of this website. This website will be used to easily display my work from psychology, english, statistics, and career and life skills for myself and the reader. If you are looking for my work from semester one, semester two, or if you want to contact me look at the links above.

About Me

As school goes along, I have started or already have taking interests in certain things for instances math and finance in genral. I caught a lucky break and found myself with a mom that worked in the business field. She helped me understand what it was like to work in that area. Whenever I asked about her day, I wasn’t asking to be polite but because I genuinely wanted to know. In the future I hope to be able to use my current knowledge to get into a good college for a major in business. But for now, I am now able to work at a bank which will be a great stepping stone for when I get older and search for a new job. My biggest interest would be soccer. Soccer has been a huge part of my life since I was six. I absolutely loved everything that was even remotely associated with soccer. Soccer became my stress release when I was stressed or sad, I knew I could always count on soccer being there. I played through my elementary years on the local team, AYSO – American Youth Soccer Organization. Then I moved to a more competitive team in Minnesota, Lakes United FC. And my lucky streak continued because as I entered high school a school affiliated fall soccer team was being discussed. There was a lot of push back by the community but over time I feel like the team is slowly being accepted. We have now made the playoff’s two years in a row and as a brand-new club that is very impressive. But once we get into the playoff’s we don’t get rolled over but instead we stand our ground and won a game each year. This year was especially tough when our best player got into some trouble. I am proud how everyone on the team stood up and didn’t give up.

My Family

It was a chilly night in Webster, South Dakota when my mom was rushed to the hospital. As March 6th left and March 7th came upon the world a new life was brought in, but fear struck soon. At first, I struggled to breathe. Doctors franticly tried to help me, my dad fortunately came in to save the day. Ever since that day I have never taken anything for granted. As a child my biggest influence was my brother. We stayed in the same room with a bunk bed. We talked about our days as we fell asleep, and I owe him everything that I knew in my young age. I learned division and multiplication two years before anyone else, that I know of, in my grade because of him. He would sacrifice his nights to teach me, I was just lucky enough to be eager to learn. Memories of him and I playing soccer or wrestling will always flood my head. After those childhood days he stayed a big influence in my life, teaching me the ins and outs of high school, gave me advice for the future, and much more. Besides my brother, I also have a sister (Maya), and my two parents (Bob and Angela). Maya and I have also had that love-hate relationship. Some days I can’t stand her guts but there days she will make cookies and be the nicest person this side of the Mississippi. With Skylar off at college, Maya and I have become a lot closer. We joke around a lot more and rely on each other. She is always going to be the little annoying sister, but I love her and will do anything for her. My mom and dad, my mom is a banker and my dad helps run the city of Barron. They have always been there for each one of us, I don’t know how they dd it but before Skylar and I got our license somehow, they worked 8 hours then took me to practice, then Skylar to practice, and Maya to dance. Every day they spend their time on us whether it be because we are sick, need new clothes, hungry, etc.. My family is just a one big hoot. All of us know how to have fun and we do often. I couldn’t have asked for a better life at this point. Click here or on the image to the right to learn more about Barron County

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