Welcome to my webpage! Here you will find information
about myself and the projects we have done in Junior Seminar.


I was born into the warm North Carolian air on May 1st, 2001 in the Cherry Point Naval Hospital to two lovely parents. I was succeeded by 3 older siblings; Henry, Sophie, and Grace, who would later become some of my best friends. I would live in North Carolina for only a short while, as my family would move to the charming town of St. Croix Falls within a year after my birth. Growing up, creativity bloomed in my home. From making a massive homemade doll town complex with my sisters to sibling sing-alongs, there was always an activity to foster my love for the arts. As I progress further into life, I find that love to continue to grow each day with the opportunities that high school has offered. Aside from taking as many humanities classes as my schedule allows, I design posters and shirts for various activities, make art outside of school, and take senior photos. I'm highly involved in student council and am incredibly passionate about working with kids and helping my community through other extracirriculars such as Clowns, Kinship, and NHS. I also am employed at the Community Learning Center (CLC), where I mentor and tutor middle school students and also have the opportunity to lead art activities. Outside of school, I enjoy camping, canoeing, and participating in the Leadership Development Program of YMCA Camp du Nord. My participation in the LDP Program has allowed me to become involved in Youth in Goverment, which includes Model United Nations and Model Assembly at the Minnesota State Capitol. An additional activity I regularly engage in is eating peanut butter on toast with my best friend Marge Butler.

Maintaining a high level of fitness has also become a large part of my life. Throughout the summer and fall, I train for running the weekly 5Ks of cross country. In the winter, I'm either weightliftingfor the upcoming track season or cross country skiing. Come springtime, and track and field seems like it couldn't come sooner. I absolutely love the excitement, team work, and comaradarie that comes with being apart of the track team, whether I am running an individual mile or participating in a 4x400m relay. Although being highly involved in sports and extracirriculars comes at the expense of occasional stress, I find participating in these activities to uphold my philosophy of life. I believe that in addition to valuing education, maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is crucial to happiness. I never let an assignment or upcoming test jeopardize my sleep or mental health. For this reason, I'm a strong believer in the fact that the work ethic and opportunities that school has offered will be almost always be more beneficial to me than a transcript. At the end of the day, balance, gratitude, and hard work are of the utmost highest importance for me to maintain positive relationships with those around me and to continue a happy and healthy life.

I hope someday to pursue art at either UW-Madison or University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a focus in graphic design and service learning in art. I hope to live a life filled with service to others, creativity, travel, and as many Ritz crackers as I want.

"How we spend our days, of course,
is how we spend our lives."
-Annie Dillard

"What we dream about today must be
in line with what we dream about for
tommorrow."-Meredith Nelson

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