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The best things in life are actually really expensive ~anonymous

Hi, my name is Tia, my story begins May 21st, 2002 in St. Croix Regional Hospital at 8pm. My father had decided to name me Tia Joy Kolve, Tia because it means goddess and princess, he would continue to call me his little princes even until now, junior year. My parents picked out joy because that was my grandma Museusí middle name, and then the usual fathers last name. Growing up in St. Croix Falls during the summer we go swimming and camping a lot and then during the school years we go to school and then support the athletics teamís afterschool. My family consists of me, my parents and my twin brothers. We have a dog named Junior and a cat named mittens. In the backyard I have three horses, Pistol, KT, and Rum. I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends/boyfriend, going on little trips with my family and doing a bunch of horse stuff. Every year I show in the Polk County Fair and go to UBRA World in Verndale, MN.
This is my school webpage, you can see all the things I have done so far in junior seminar by clicking on semester 1. Later, I will be making a hobby page, and a semester 2 page when the time comes.

stars cant shine without darkness~ Anonymous

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