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Quote1 -If you are anything like me - you're country-Florida Georgia line Quote 2-Breathe,Focus,Smash that Target -unknown

Welcome to my webpage. On this page you will learn all about me and my links to semesters 1 and 2. There is also a link so that you can email me.

My team is my life! I love going to the gun club every Tuesday and Wednesday because I get to hang out with people of all ages that share the same interest as me. I have been shooting trap for about 6 years now but every time I go out to gun clubs I get to learn new things from people that I normally do not get to learn from. The people that I look up to in trap shooting is Nora Ross, and Kim Rhode because they are the best to me. They are both world champians. I look up to them because they both are very strong forces to be with on the trap line. I love when the boys think that a girl like me can't shoot like them and then I come out with a 25 straight and the guys that don't think that I can do that they get worse than me sometimes.

My family is everything to me. We do a lot together one the most fun things we do together, is we go to my grandma and grandpas for Christmas every year. The people in my family is my dad Randy, mom Melissa, myself Michaela, sister Raelynn, and my brother Samual. My Dad showed me and taught me how to shoot trap. He is also one of the people that I look up to the most. My mom is a person who is very caring and super kind. She always makes sure that we have what we need even when we do not appreciate it. My sister is person who is very boisterous and very nice. Her and I are very close and we do a lot of things together. The last one in my family is my Brother Sam, he is very funny and a pain in the butt. He is a lego nut and is in robotics. He so smart but sometimes he does not know how smart he really is!!

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