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The life of Calan Leahy has been fairly simple in my first 16 years. I was born and raised in my hometown of St Croix Falls, with my Parents, Mike, and Jill, and my brothers, Nolan, and Brady. From the day I was born I Lived in the rural area of St Croix Falls, 5 minutes from the school. I was raised with some local familys, and kids that I still attend schools with today. My first few friends happened to be Boden Enochs, and Alex Mysicka. Two people I am still close with today. Over the years I played sports, and sang in elementary choirs, and did all the things young kids do with these two. I still participate in sports, including baseball, football, and wrestling, but sports arenít my first love. I have always been in love with conservation and the outdoors. I frequently spend my time hunting ducks, and geese, or in a boat throwing jigs to catch bass. Nothing gets me going like th feeling of a strike on the end of your line, or birds coming in exactly the way you want them to. I plan on continuing my passion for the outdoors, and passing it on to future generations, so that when im gone the Leahy boys will still be in the woods.

"You don't quit when you're tired, you quit when you're done."-Jay Haning