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“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” -David Bly

This my Junior Seminar Web Page where you can learn about me and also see what we have done throughout this year!

Hi my name is Garrett Lee I’ve also lived close to St. Croix Falls in a small town called Dresser Wi. I was born on October 10th 2002 in Osceola Wi. I’ve done many cool things in my life so far like farm and have had a pretty chill life. I work everyday no matter the day. I have a very strong passion towards farming. I work for many different farms if i'm not at one im at a different one. I've been working on a farm science 2016 when I walked into the field behind my house and asked to tag along and that's when everything I wanted to do when I grew up began. I plan on attending WITC Ag Mechanic course after high school and then I plan to work for the same boss I have now or go work for a dealer. Farming has also been something that motivates me that's why I always dedicate every free moment to do it it makes me happy and I love the end result.

"So God Made A Famer" -Paul Harvey