Garrett's Webpage

" Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. " -David Bly

Welcome to my Junior Seminar page here you will find links to each semester where you can get a closer look at the work I've done this year!

Hi my name is Garrett Lee I’ve also lived close to St. Croix Falls in a small town called Dresser Wi. I was born on October 10th 2002 in Osceola Wi. I’ve done many cool things in my life so far like farm and have had a pretty chill life. I work everyday no matter the day. I have a very strong passion towards farming. I work for many different farms if i'm not at one im at a different one. I've been working on a farm science 2016 when I walked into the field behind my house and asked to tag along and that's when everything I wanted to do when I grew up began. I plan on attending WITC Ag Mechanic course after high school and then I plan to work for the same boss I have now or go work for a dealer. Farming has also been something that motivates me that's why I always dedicate every free moment to do it it makes me happy and I love the end result.

"So God Made A Famer" -Paul Harvey