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"Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive." - Matt Cameron
Welcome to My Junior Seminar Webpage

Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find some of my personal information and my projects from junior seminar.
Hello, Iím Riley Lerew I was born is Sioux Falls, South Dakota on May 5th, 2002. Being the first of five siblings (two to my mother, two to my father) has been an interesting story. My mother and father separated a few weeks after my birth and I was with my mother mainly but got time with my father for about a year until he wasnít allowed to see me for a few years. My mother and I lived in a ghetto of Sioux Falls with a lot of violence and theft. Our apartment had bullet holes in the walls and door also we almost got robbed. The few times I went outside I had a few toys, one of which was stolen, and my grandmother chased the guy and got it back, they were then tied together with a thick rope. The best part of this place was the doughnut shop down the road where my mother assured me that everything would be okay. A few years in this hell we moved into my grandmotherís house as she saw it was the only option. During the day here, I would ride motorcycle with Grandpa Lawrence who although isnít blood, is still my favorite person in the world and pressed my love for motorcycles. Then at night I stargazed with Grandma Fran. My mother worked day in day out, so I grew a very strong bond with my grandparents one I still share very deeply with my grandmother. This is also around the time my mother had a kid this would be my brother Andrew.
    I never saw Andrew for at least two years mainly because my mom kept moving and Andrew stayed with his father. During my kindergarten year I went through three schools and spend first and second grade in a forth school then moving on to a new school my third-grade year. My mother got back together with Andrews dad and had another kid on the way her name is Madelynn, my sister. We lived in a trailer park, but it was better than everything else weíve dealt with although at the ages of 8-10 I spent time in a gang in that trailer park. I did things Iím not proud of and I think my parents sensed this was not the place for us especially my sister. Just after I turned ten our house caught on fire because of a rag that was left on the stove after cooking and coincidently no one was home right after the rag was left there well besides our dog. When I got home from practice I had no idea what was happening, but my stepdad told me the explanation. After an hour my dog was rescued, and a neighbor gave her food and water she lived for about four years after this. But I noticed that my parents werenít mad or anything which puzzled me. Now that Iím older Iíve concluded that it was not so much an accident. The next day we took what was left but sadly all my stuff and all the pictures of me were gone. We moved into my stepdads moms house for the summer but soon bought a house in little ole, Tea South Dakota.
    For the first time I lived somewhere with no criminal activity and the people were friendly. My first year at school there was strange as the kids were nice and slowly I enjoyed it. This happiness never lasted though as I got news of my father who had been ran over. When we got to the hospital I leaped into his bed and it took my mother and a doctor to pull me off. He looked bad, his arm and leg were torn up. But over time he made a full recovery and now heís got a plate in his arm. After this my connection with him dwindled and I didnít see him until my eighth-grade year. He felt bad, but the damage was already done. With his absence I had complete lost care for anything even school. On top of this my grandfather got cancer from a stroke, he was no longer aloud to ride motorcycle ever, but he fought cancer and he fought two more strokes for three years until he passed this devastated me and I began to stop caring about anything. I past seventh grade year with all Fís I believe the only reason I past was because of me Bullis my counselor, I believe he told my parents and the school not to hold me back. He still holds a special place in my heart as he helped me through everything.
    As I grew a bond with my dad again I began to find more joy in life and I even picked up my first sport the spring of my Sophomore year, this sport was Track and Field. It may seem clichť, but track has been my escape from everything. I donít have to think about anything when I step on the track just me and the event. Even in my off season I find myself going to the track to clear my mind and push myself beyond my limits. My whole life Iíve ran from everything but now I run for something and I love it. At the end of my sophomore year I was proposed a choice. Move in with dad or stay with my friends in South Dakota. I was used to leaving everything behind and I wanted to grow a bond with my father, so I moved. But the last night of being in South Dakota I cried more than I knew I could cry more than I have ever cried. More than when my dad was ran over more than when my grandfather passed because this was the first time I have ever experience a true bond with true friends that cared for me and it hurt to leave but it felt like the right choice. I now find myself in a house just outside of saint Croix falls, Wisconsin where I go to school and have made a few new friends and added cross country to the sports I participate in. Finally, we are here writing this biography. I enjoy this school although its different and I enjoy the state as it is a lot like South Dakota.
"Do not judge my story by the chapter that you walking in on." - Unknown
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