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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. "George Bernard Shaw"

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Thereís nothing better than a cool crisp fall morning with the sound of the houndís barking in the distance, as the barks echoesí across the land. The sound of the wind howling and the dogs barking makes your heart beat faster and faster, with the adrenalin rushing through your veinís. Bear hunting is my favorite thing to do over the summer and into the fall, it makes me happy to be with dogs, and to be in the woods. Most people donít know what it is like to go out and spend every day in the woods with the animals you love the most. Bear hunting can be a very dangerous sport but that is what makes it the best is being in the right spot and seeing the bear up close, close enough to touch it.

- Unknown

When the leaves fall and the frost starts freezing I get ready for deer season. Deer season is the best because I get to spend the whole weekend in the woods. just being in the deer stand is so relaxing and you always enjoy every part of it. The snow is what makes the woods light up, so you can see everything that is out there walking around the woods. After hunting all day, I go home and eat a big supper that my grandma made for all of us out there hunting.

Ice fishing is also a sport I live for. Every time I have free time in the winter I am out on the ice fishing and having fun. The feeling of the cold air hitting you like a ton of bricks, making it harder to breath and move. The cold air when fishing is deadly because you forget about the cold and then it is too late and you have frost bite.

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Updated 11-10-17