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On this page you will find all information about me, including my semester one and two page and a bio of me and my life and also a link to a school I will be attending.

"Leave people better than you found them"-Unknown

My life started on March 26th 2001. Now, i'm not an only child, there's really two of us, my sister Leah and I. We grew up on a farm and it has always been my home. However, farm life isn't for me. I love the city lights and all it shines upon. I plan to move to Los Angeles California. Big shocker right? I was never ment for Wisconsin anyways. My skin loves the warm weather and the light of the sun. I enjoy any warm state actually, like Mexico, or the great island of Hawaii, California, or even Florida is the place for me. If you haven't guessed so far this also means I have a passion for travel. By senior year I will be in the ancient country of Greece. Santorini to be exact. I may not be into sports but i've always been in love with the arts of ballet and even performing in the circus. I also like to ski, even though I hate the cold, it has never stopped me from hitting the slopes. When I graduate, I hope to find myself at the Aveda institute. I wish to live with my sister in a quaint apartment in downtoun St.Paul until we both graduate. I may not seem like the most impressive person on the outside. But take a look at my life and you'll see that I am. I am completely blessed to live the life I do. I take nothing for granted and I would do anything for my family. We have a sertain way of living and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have two precious dogs that I love, and spend most of my time with. They are my best friends. That might sound sad but I'm more of an introvert anyways. That doesn''t mean I hate being social, because I love to make people laugh and make them happy to live life like I am. I always try to stay positive in every situation i am in.

"Grow through what you go through"-Unknown

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