Emily McCurdy

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I have lived in St Croix Falls almost my entire life. I say almost because when I was a baby, my mom, dad, older sister and I lived in New Richmond, where my mom grew up. We moved to St. Croix Falls when I was one, which was where my dad grew up. I am so grateful I was able to grow up close to both sides of my family. While I love all my family members, my two sisters, Addie and Brianna, are the ones I love the most. When we were younger, we would fight over everything. Even after playing American Girl Dolls or Littlest Pet Shop for hours, we would somehow end up getting into a brutal battle involving fists and harsh insults. My mom would always tell us, You guys need to be nice to each other because someday you are going to be all each other has and I am starting to realize the truth to her words. I am so blessed to be apart of such a strong sisterhood. Outside of Addie and Brianna, I have a few close friends. My best friend is Ellie Brice. She always puts a smile on my brace face, especially when we are in the kitchen cookin' up something good to eat.

I play volleyball and run/ jump track and field. While the fall and spring provide pleasant competitions, basketball is my passion. I work hard; play nine and a half out of 12 months a year so that I may be able to play at a collegiate level. My goal is to use basketball to pay for my education in nursing. Due to my indecisiveness, my major may change over the course of four years, but right now I plan on obtaining a bachelor's degree in nursing, and then continuing school another 2-3 years to become a nurse anesthetist. I chose this career path because I want to help people.

I would be lying if I said I had much of a life outside of sports. I do, however, partake in other hobbies during my sliver of time away from the gym. Though I am not as musically inclined as my older and younger sister, I love music. I play trumpet in the high school marching and concert bands and sing and dance every chance I get. Though my singing ability is quite out of tune, I can keep a rhythm and beat like no other. I thank my long history in clogging for my quirky moves. I also enjoy being involved in student council as the junior class president, National Honor Society, Environmental club, Culture club, and Kinship.

All the activities I participate in are important to me, but I do not want them to be what defines me. I want to be the girl who stood up for what she thought was right, the girl who worked hard every opportunity she got, and most importantly, the girl who cared about others. I think as humans our main goal should be to create happiness for ourselves and to spread it upon others. With that, I think embracing who we are is a crucial step to happiness. For this reason, I love the fact that I am the girl who is confident in herself. My favorite thing to do during school is bust a move or make a silly face or comment. I may get some cringes on the outside, but on the inside, I know people love it ;)

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them" Vicki Baum