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Welcome to my webpage. Here is the portal that will bring you to the different pages explaining the projects, assignments, and my personality. This page is my Bio page. Below is a brief description of me and what I like to do. Also included is a picture of me playing around in one of my classes. Not only is this website something you can use to learn about my school year and who I am, but it is also a junior project in itself. Over the course of the year the website will get better and better, demonstrating my skills in using HTML coding. Enjoy and feel free to explore.

"The ability to speak does not make you intellegent" -Qui Gon Jin

My nave is Jacob McKinven. I am a Junior at St. Croix Falls High school. I have a brother who is 18 years old and goes to UW Barron County and a sister that is 11 years old in 5th grade. My mother works at the Polk County Sherriff’s Department and she types up police reports. My father works for Lexmark as a software engineer. Through the course of my High School year I have played soccer for many times in the spring, summer, and fall. One would say I am a little obsessed with soccer. My hobbies include: Soccer, acting, writing, and (especially) filmmaking. The reason why I love filmmaking so much is because I love to see the process of ideas become reality and how cool they can become. I also love to tell stories and I am a visual kind of guy. The video editing software I use is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Click here to learn about the Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro (the software I use).

"We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies." – Walt Disney

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Updated 1/17/2018