Griffin Michaelson

My name is Griffin Michaelson.

Welcome to my web page!

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  • Welcome to the website of Griffin Michaelson. Here you will be able to find informaton about me, as well as things I have done in school. You can access my work across semesters, contact me, and more by clicking the links above.

    I was born on March 11, 2003, to two loving parents and an equally loving older brother. Shortly after, when I was only one year old, my family got my first pet--or at least, the first pet I remember--Ellie; A German Shorthaired Pointer who is still kicking with us today. I started school at Unity School District in Balsam Lake, where I stayed until the sixth grade. Some time after, my family started to have problems with the higher-ups at, and my brother and I stopped going to school there. During my time out of public school, we got two cats, Taco and Brownie. The cats stayed as the newest members of our family for about a year, before we got Maisy--another German Shorthaired Pointer.