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On this website, you will see my biography as well as my semesters. To go to my semester pages, click on the links above.
Welcome to my Webpage

The dark hills, with the darker spruces marching over them, looked grim on the early falling nights, but Ingleside bloomed with firelightand laughter, through the winds come in from the Atlantic singing of mournful things. "Why isn't the wind happy, Mummy?", asked walter one night. "Because it is remembering all the sorrow of the world since it began," answered Anne. -L.M Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

On September 27th, 2001, my mother gave birth to me at the Saint Croix Falls hospital. Melissa Hall was the doctor that helped deliver me. “When I layed my eyes on you, I knew that you would grow up to be a beautiful young woman.” My mother told me. I was her first child, which meant she was most protective over me because she had never experienced having a child before. Constantly worrying about me, she always made sure I fit in to the environment around me and made sure my family cherished me. Everything went downhill after my mother found out she was pregnant. My father became angry and left my mom and I alone. We soon moved in with my grandparents for them to help watch my mother and monitor her pregnancy. As a child, I couldn’t comprehend that my father really left. I lived 2 years of my life believing that he was just on vacation until my grandparents broke me back to reality that he was not coming back. After my brothers were born, they got all the spotlight. They were the center of attention in my family. After 5 years of being showered with attention, it was stolen from me. I became insecure, only at 5 years old, I was doubtful of myself and my family. I began wiring my brain that everything was my fault and that I wasn’t worth anything. Growing up with my brothers was fun, we had our fun moments, but I was gradually becoming depressed. My family was too focused on my brothers to see that I was silently suffering. Soon middle school came and it kept going downhill from there. Other children began to bully me to the point where I felt numb. The only thing I felt was my wrists screaming at me. It got even worse when my mother met her old boyfriend. He was a man full of anger and hatred. All he cared about was causing destruction on my mother’s life. He made matters worse for my depression, and it soon got to the point where I didn’t want to live through the pain anymore. My worst mistake of my life, was trying to take my own life. I was rushed to the hospital and flushed with water. I remember the bright lights shining in my eyes as the doctors and police officers asked me a million questions. It felt like an eternity before I could leave the hospital and sleep in my own bed. After all of that was over with, I cherished everything and everyone around me. And that’s when my passion to help others sprung into my life.

"The problem is that we always look for the missing piece of the puzzle instead of finding a place for the one in our hand..." -Alina Radoi

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