Semester 1

Semester 1 Work


Within unit one it was for sure the wake up call of junior seminar. Within this unit we for the first time got multiple projects at the same time. Some of which included the English Who am I paper. Within this paper I really started to learn how to keep a flow and activate my transitions in order for my next paragraph to sound good. I also was given a word count that I had to achieve. This was for sure one of my biggest obstacles because all I thought about when I wrote was the length requirement. Occuring at the same time was the Who Am I poster. Within this poster I really had no obstacles as I already knew how to photoshop pretty well so I blew by this project with flying colors.

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Yet one thing I did learn was to proportion everything so it flows continuously. Lastly came statistics. In this project we learned to create and analyze two way tables. To get our data we had the junior class take a quiz to give us data. The quiz in the end showed us our personality types. We took the data and compared it within the class in order to learn how to not only analyze data but also create our own scatter plots and frequency tables. This was really the beginning learning process of excel and stats. Below is a link to view my first work in statistics. Two Way Table Project

UNIT TWO: To Know Thyself: How Do I Know What I Know?

Within unit two we had multiple tasks going on at the same time and they were all substantially large assessments. When it came to the Tech part of unit two, it really put everyone's Photoshop and time managing skills to the test. My biggest struggles within this project was space management in my actual poster. Also adjusting my text and other things in order for it to fit and be read at a distance if printed was difficult. Lastly, my biggest problem was using colors that could complement each other. I believe that I most improved on keeping everything clean and organized within my poster. This poster was for sure one of the best things I've done, and I'm extremely proud of it. Along with this poster we were also working on one of our biggest papers of the year. The synthesis paper was one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever written. Within this process the most difficult part was to write without ever showing your own opinion and represent information from both sides without being bias. One thing I believe I improved greatly on in this process was most definitely my use of in text citations. Before this unit I had no clue on where to start I always just wing it but after some help from Mr. B, I was able to easily accomplish them. Not only that but the in-text citations weren’t forced into certain spots they actually flowed with the paper. Lastly we had statistics. Within this statistics unit we used our ACT baseline data to create a data spreadsheet so we were able to analyze and create different plots that allowed us to analyze the data. Honestly this was one of the easier units. The most difficult thing that I came across was just actually learning the program. Excel is one of the most advanced and helpful programs without a doubt it's just the fact of learning how to use all of the bells and whistles. Overall this unit was really the unit that began to define what seminar really is.

UNIT THREE: Am I a ghost or a machine?

Unit three was so far the most time consuming unit of the year. In stats we first started off by learning about all of the measures of center. For me this was one of the more challenging units due to me being gone an extensive amount of times. In stats our task was to have the ability to be able to summarize represent and interpret single-variable data by using the right Displays. My biggest obstacle within this unit was to be able to interpret my graphs and not just make them. I have always struggled with explanations. Next we had a psych, where our objective was to use the scientific method wihtin our Music and Memory Lab . In this process I believe the biggest challenge for me was actually coming up with a testable hypothesis. Many of the ones I had were not testable which caused me to restart multiple times until it was correct. One huge takeaway from this study, was whether to study in silence or with music. There’s really no in between you are either really good in silence or good with certain kinds of music. Overall this project was for sure one of my favorites from the year so far. Lastly we had the brain video which incorporated all of the classes in seminar except stats. For my group everything went extremely smooth and there were no real obstacles. The day we got the project we planned everything out for the next three days in class and had our whole movie set up. We did not end up writing a script but still had a general idea of what we would say for each scene. We all had made sure to follow the three P’s which we discussed by Mr. Jacobson and Mr. B on the first day of the project. Later in the movie we were able to accomplish editing by each person in the group taking a fourth of the editing and finishing it up so Isabelle could put it in the final copy. Overall the only tiny problem that our group really encountered was putting multiple people in one scene because we had three actors or six characters. After good use of camera angles and premiere editing it was made simple to accomplish this task. My biggest take away from it all is that, if you use the ample time you are given you will excel in the video. Many of my fellow classmates procrastinated and didn't use their time, in the end hurting themselves.

UNIT FOUR: Is perception reality?

In unit four this was definitaly one of the units that was a breeze. I chose this square optical illusion because it was satisfying to finally see it after my friend had pointed it out to me. I found it interesting cause it takes an extended amount of time to actually be able to see it. Also I have never been able to actually see an illusion unless it was moving. Yet this is the first I could see. The illusion from my basic understanding uses diffrent shades of grey to be able to make the illusion seem as if there is a cut out of the cube. Yet when you focus on the part where it seems to be a cut out then you can see that there is another cube that is sitting within the cube.

UNIT FIVE: Dream a little Dream

First off in unit 5 was our sleep analysis. This for sure out of all of the projects over the semester was one of the if not the easiest stats projects yet. I had no problems at all. The only thing that ever caught me off guard was the special way to get the data, yet after the overview of how to do it in excel everything became a breeze. During this process I was able to become almost an expert at interpreting spread and measures of center. Next we began a very complex writing assessment, our juxtaposition. This piece was the most difficult thing for me to write in my entire career. My hardest obstacle was for sure making the situations oppose each other and be somewhat similar at the same time. At one point I was forced to restart due to lack of knowledge on what to do. I for sure was able to progress greatly in interpreting and writing my papers. Next we were given an add on assessment in the integrated tech portion of seminar.The e-book Ebook was probably one of the most challenging assessments that was given due to lack of time and also a new program which really set me off of target. Also without knowing how to do it I lost motivation to try. Also it was very difficult to find royalty free images that flowed with my book. Lastly came the dream journal. This was one of my more sloppy pieces due to my irresponsibility and forgetfulness. Yet I was really interested in learning all of the different theories behind all of the dreams. One big insight when going and interpreting my dreams was how much I see and wish for things in my future. It also allowed me to connect my wishes to a theory that is called wish fulfillment theory that pretty much states people dream of their hopes and dreams in the future. This by far was my favorite psych unit yet.

UNIT SIX: Acting your age, not your shoe size: Does my cognitive maturity match my physical maturity?

During unit 6 I was able to not only remember and laugh about old memories but I was also able to reflect on my past and attempt to create future aspirations. This was probably one of the projects I was most worried about as it was due on the same day as the webpage. Yet it still stands now as my favorite project for multiple reasons. One I was finally able to understand and show my skill in the InDesign program which is going to be used multiple times in semester two. Lastly, it allowed me to look at old family pictures and reminisce about the good old days and the old fun and little responsibility I used to have.
Development Project

Webpage Reflection

Within this semester I was given the cumalitive project of creationg my own Web Bio Page along with a Semester one page to show my groowth throughout the year. In doing this it came to me quite easily as I had learned in the past how to code from my father. Yet one huge struggle is my father only taught me the basics of coding which left out the CSS part of the process. While learning CSS my head felt like it was in a washing machine. I was so confused on the small simple task. Another problem I came into was making sure that all of my pictures were in the right formats and that they were sized correctly in my page. Sizing the images alone probably took of sixty percent of my time in integrated tech. Overall the webpage is actually a great thing to do and is very neat that at the junior level in highschool we get coding experince, where many schools do not offer coding at all.