Nathan Murtaugh


Junior Seminar Webpage

Below is a bio about me. Click the other links to see some work I did during my junior year.

      My name is Nathan Murtaugh, welcome to my webpage. I was born in Washington D.C. on May 11th, 2003 and then moved to Saint Croix Falls. As many people would say, my life from birth to around six years old was pretty bland. I started Kindergarten in Dresser and made many friends. Around the time I was seven, my mom put me into piano lessons. Since then piano has been a very large part of my life. In fifth grade I joined the school band and started playing percussion. Many things I have done throughout my life have revolved around music, specifically piano. I have achieved a couple notable things on the piano. Last year (2018) I played the piano at the Dalles House multiple times. I also had entered in "Solo and Ensemble" in 2018. I entered with the Class A solo, "Sonata in G Major, K.283" by Motzart. I was scored a 1 on my preformance. The sclae goes from one to four, one being the best. This year for Solo and Ensemble I am playing "Claire de Lune" by Claude Dubssy. Another large part of my life in snowboarding. I have been snowboarding for six seasons. Not only do I snowboard for fun, but I also teach it at Trollhaugen. Not only has snowboarding it's self brought me many new experiences but so has the community.

One of my favorite thibgs to do is film and edit videos. This was brought to me through the snowboard community. There are many well filmed and edited videos out there such as "Human on Board" by Trollhaugen. These videos inspire me and give me more ideas for videos I make an film. This leads me into things that inspire me. One large inspiration that has been around for all of my remembered life is music. Not only does music allow you to express yourself, but it also allows you to contantly grow and learn more. In conclusion, many things have impacted my life, but the two major activities are snowboarding and piano.


"Music is a higher revaltion than philosophy" -Ludwig van Beethoven

"Music is the silence between the notes" -Claude Debussy