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Welcome to My Page!

My name is Alex Mysicka and I am currently a junior at Saint Croix Falls Highschool. This is my website where all my work for junior seminar will be placed. To find my projects from semester 1, click the link above! If you need to contact me, click the link above and shoot me an e-mail.

On March 10th of 2002, I was born in a hospital in the township of Wyoming Minnesota. Instead of growing up and living as a Forest Lake Ranger, my parents decided to move to Saint Croix Falls. It is here where Iíve created friendships and learned to play my three main sports basketball, baseball, and football. Football is by far my favorite, you can check out some of my highlights here. Besides sports, Iím active in different clubs like the SCF chamber singers, clowns, and culture club. This summer I found out that traveling was something Iíd love to pursue a lot more. After visiting the beautiful Crystal Lake in Traverse City Michigan, and the Rocky Mountains of Boulder Colorado, traveling is something that excites me and I would love to continue to find new places that peak my interest. At this point in time I'm starting to look at schools that could possibly be my future home. Schools like Eau-Claire, Madison, Central Michigan, CU-Boulder and Minnesota all sound like places I could end up at in the future. With degrees in dentistry and sports medicine, these places gleam towards the top of my radar. But in the words of Mike Stud, "Ya neva know" . I try to keep this into consideration everyday when living life, don't try to rush the future, go with the flow and try to live one day at a time.

"Live Life To The Fullest, And Focus On The Positive." -Matt Cameron

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