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She believed she could, so she did -Unknown

Hey there and welcome to my webpage Iím Hailey. I am junior at St. Croix Falls High School. Visit their page click here or on the image to go to their website.

Hey there, Iím Hailey Norlander and welcome to my webpage. Me and my out going personality were born on July 25,2002, in my hometown St. Croix Falls Wisconsin. Since I was little I have always had kind of an adventurous mind. With this it brought my out going and positive personality. At a young age I became interested in are which only made my personality grow. I began thriving for color, I expressed my emotions on paper with through colors. As some of my hobbies are arts and crafts, traveling, and dancing.

I am the middle child of three. My older sister is Nicole she is 20. My little sister Ciara is 9. With me and my sisters we are all opposite from each other. As my Nicole is very shy and quiet, Ciara load and dramatic. There is almost nothing alike about us. Nicole enjoys hunting with my dad. Ciara is what we little to say the trouble maker in the family, she is always up to something. As for me I would say Iím the more adventures and enjoy designing. Nicole has always been my role model. She is very intelligent and has a strong personality. My parents April and Jason Norlander have impacted my life more then anyone else. My dad taught me to be strong and independent, and to always stand up for my self. My mom taught me to be an understanding person and to have an open mind. She always told me if I believe I can then I will.

This brings me to my 2018 summer. I began running for the 2018-2019 Miss St. Croix Falls. I was excited for this program, I would be going against 7 amazing girls. I knew I would benefit from this experience by becoming more social and active in my community. While I was a candidate I would participate in different events in my town when needed. I enjoy every second helping and meeting new people while I was a candidate. However, I slowly was losing hope through this all. My grandpa became severely ill with cancer. I wanted to spend all my time with my grandpa while I still could. I couldnít handle the stress of the program and my grandpa, I began planning on stepping down from the program. Until my mom said that I would get through this and he would be with me every step of the way. The week of coronation my Grandpa passed away. I felt alone and didnít want to continue with the program. My mom told me she was here for me with whatever choice I made, but that I shouldnít give up because I would be giving up on myself. This made me much through and become stronger. On July 20th I became St. Croix Falls Second Princess. This has become one of my many most memorable journeys. Along with my biggest achievements that I have made

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