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On my webpage, you will find information about me, my work in Junior Seminar, and reflections about it. On this page you can find a short autobiography of my life. You can always get back to this page by clicking on home in the navigation bar. To view my semester 1 work and reflections, you can click on Semester 1 in the navigation bar. To view my semester 2 work and reflections, you can click on Semester 2 in the navigation bar. To contact me, you can click on Contact Me in the navigation bar. If you have any questions you can message me that way. To the right, you will see a photograph that I took.

About me

I was born at Osceola Medical Center.We moved around for the first few years of my life. Eventually, my parents built a house on land they purchased from my grandparents just North of Cushing, Wi. This is where I live today. I have two younger siblings, a sister and brother. My sister is in eighth grade and my brother is in fourth grade. Over the years, my mother has brought many dogs into the household. Currently we have a shih tzu, great Dane, and Tibetan mastiff. While the two giants steal food and get in the way of navigating our home, they give enough love to overlook some things.



My passion for reading spurred my first collection. From late elementary school up until middle school, I amassed hundreds of books; a meager collection, but one that stressed the space on my three bookshelves. During this time, I became obsessed with rocks. I collected agates, obsidian, geodes, and anything that looked cool. However, just collecting things isn't excessively fun. I learned to cut and polish my own rocks with my uncle. This allowed me to have control over what they looked like. Eventually I discovered baking. I could create something that not only brought me joy, but the people around me too. I took multiple cake decorating classes and invested in equipment to hone my abilities to create and decorate. From birthdays to everyday ideas, I became the go to for my family's cake needs. I developed abilities to create and visualize what I wanted to do mentally, and maybe I grew a little sweet tooth.



My friendships boil down to one thing: trustworthiness. The people I typically surround myself with are people that I know I can trust with my thoughts and beliefs. In the past, when my trust has been betrayed it destroyed any ounce of respect that I held for the culprit. What drives me everyday is a different idea. I think it is perfection, or in the very least aspiration to it. Whenever I find myself in a task, it is imperative to my self-respect to do my very best. Sometimes it can backfire when time is short, but at least I can live with what I create.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. -Vince Lombardi

Future Plans

After high school, I would like to pursue higher education in the field of Computer Science. I would like to attend the Milwaukee School of Engineering's Computer Science program, or another university with a similar or better reputation. Personally, this is agreeable because I enjoy working with computers and coding. However, to achieve this goal I must apply myself, score well on my ACT, and keep my grades around where they are currently.


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin