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Thanks for stopping by my webpage! My name is Mason Peer, currently a Junior at St. Croix Falls High School. If you continue to read below, you will find out a little about me. If you direct yourself to the links at the top you can find some of the projects I have done throughout Junior Seminar this year.

Early Life

It was steamy Wednesday night on August 3rd, 2003. In Room 3 of St. Croix Regional Medical Center, I was born into the arms of my loving parents Kari and Corey Peer. The whole eight pounds and eleven ounces. My extended family (especially my grandparents and my aunt) begging the nurse to get into the hospital room and see me ,even before I had emerged. I was the first to many in my family. My mom's first son, my grandparents first grandson, my aunt and uncles first nephew. I was surronded in love by alot of family. I was curious as ever and always getting into mischief. From the age of 2 years old, I could easily tell you the make and model of every car on the road. When I was two years old my biggest career aspiration was a Automobile Salesman. I loved cars, and anything that had wheels and went fast (and I still do!). I can recall alot of moments where I begged my grandpa or dad to go on four-wheeler rides while at the cabin, or to take me out on a rides in the truck. Life changed when my parents divorced, but I was granted with an extremely caring step-mom and step-dad. They treated me like there own child and they continue too everyday. Lucky enough, I became a big brother to four sisters.

"Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams-Ben Carson."

Current Life

I live in two different homes and both households keep me extremely busy. I also involve myself heavy at school. I tried to play football and basketball, but none of them interested me nor was I coordinated enough. So, throughout middle school and high school I have consecutively ran cross country and track. I have been involved in student council, taking on many leadership positions throughout the school and state. I also do, CLOWNS, S.O.S, DECA, Band, Choir, and hold two part time jobs, one as a cook at a local resturant and the other as a student leader at Kid's Care in the Elementary School.

Other Aspirations

Although I am extremely involved and busy, I have many other aspirations outside of school. It may surprise some but some of my favorite hobbies is being outdoors. Running (as mentioned before) my biggest endeavor. One of my biggest goals is to run a marathon in the next couple of years. I have completed two half-marathons, both were awesome! I also love, camping, bass fishing, and deer hunting! This year I finally had the oppourtunity to shoot my first buck. Although it is suprising to some, I love to deer hunt. I have put many years of waiting and hoping for a nice buck. This year my time finally paid off, when I shot an 8-point on opening day. In the summer, I enjoy being out on the peaceful waters of Bone Lake, WI, where I can go fishing or take out my grandparents pontoon. I fish a Tuesday night bass league with my dad, and I also go on many camping trips with both families. I have went on an annual missions trip with my home church, Peace Lutheran. Last year, we went on a life changing trip to Tennesse where we served people of Grundy County, TN. This year we will venture to Idaho.
After High School, I am looking at nearby colleges, UW-Stout and UW-Eau Claire. Degrees I am interested in a business degree that focuses on either Human Resources, or Sales. I also hope to get married and raise a family in peaceful Wisconsin.

"Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." Dean Karnazes

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