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Prepare To be Amazed... by my junior seminar website

Hello if you are reading this then you are about to expirence my website and all of its wonders. My website will contain a little about myself and the work I did in junior seminar. There are some links throughout my website that will take you to a series of pages. To navigate these links simply click on them and they will take you on a journey. Eventually you will find yourself on this page again, and to insure you dont go to the same place the links you have already used will be a different color.

To sum my life up I would say I live a adventurous life style. I have a brother and a sister who are both older than me. My parents are to thank for that. I have a great dad that pushes to inspire me and an amazing mom. My family is great and we comlpetly relate. My siblings are older by at least eight years. My sister lives five hours away so I see her on the holidays. But my brother and I are always doing something.

Now that football is over I spend most of my days at school working in class and joking with friends. Now that im not spending three hours a night at practice I usually go home and speed through homework. Then I play some call of duty. I repeat this until the weekend comes. The weekends are always busy. My family heads to our cabin where we do most of our activities. I am a big fan of hunting fishing and motor sports. As I said im in football but im also in track and trap. I have been on many fishing trips. However my favorite anual trip is through one of the many clubs in school. Every year at the end of the school year FFA members get an oppurtunitty. I have never missed this trip since I first gor to go my freshman year. We take an 11 hour car ride to spend a week in canada at Press Lake.

However Life isnt always so smooth flowing. At some points in my life it got pretty rough. For the longest time I could always say "I've never brocken a bone". One day that all changed. It was the middle of football season last year and I was walking around. Shorlty later I coudn't walk. It had felt as if I had been stabbed. My back was brocken for weeks. It will never be the same. Thats why I say life hits hard. Then we get to this year and classes are harder people are meaner, and life just got stronger with it's punches. All I can say is the future will be better because "Its gunna get harder before it gets easier. But it will get better, you just gatta make it through the hard stuff first." I just can't wait to say in the future "I made it"

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Updated 10-30-17