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Welcome to my webpage. This page is a compilation of all of my work from Junior Seminar. To find some of my projects from semester1, click the "semester 1" link above. You can explore other parts of the site by clicking the other links. I hope you enjoy my web page!

Welcome to my Webpage!

Hello, my name is Mara Riley. I am currently attending Saint Croix Falls High School as a junior. Some of my hobbies include drawing, embroidering, being part of the forensics team, and playing softball. If you want to learn more about my hobbies, click here, or on the “My Hobbies” link at the top to the page. I am the youngest of five children in my family. My four siblings are named Aaron, Alex, Elaina, and Abbe. I am the only one currently living with my parents because my siblings are off living their own lives.. My parents’ names are Monica and Greg Riley. I am having a really great time at St. Croix falls high school, but I also can’t wait to spread my winds and do something bigger with my life. Once I am out of high school, I plan on being an elementary school teacher because I love kids, and I enjoy watching them grow and develop. The college I plan to attend is UW River Falls. They are well known for their teaching programs, so I plan on capitalizing on the opportunities presented to me. The picture on the right is of me (Right) and my brother, Aaron (Left). In this picture, we are at Virginia Beach.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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