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Hello, let me tell you at little about myself. I am 17 years old, a junior in highschool and I work at Subway in St.croix Falls. I have one sister, three step brothers and a step dad, step mom & mom & dad. I lived with my mom for most of my life in North Branch MN. Until this last summer, when I moved in with my father in St.Croix Falls. My family and I are very close. Especially my sister and I. She's like a mini me! Her name is Natalie and she's 9 years old and growing so quickly! I have two dogs at my moms house, princess and maggie. Princess is a bit bull and Maggie is a cocker spanniel. At my dads house we have three pitbulls, Page, Miller & Eva. Page is 17 years old! I also just got my own kitten, his name is T. He's only 8 weeks old. I'm a huge animal person, i love all animals. hereto go to their website, or on the picture to do the same.

I am very interested in accounting. My mom is an accountant and I've helped her with some of her work before and it really interests me. I have always been pretty good with numbers, especially when it comes to money. I look up to mom very much so as she had me at 17, worked a full time job and got her 4 year in accounting. I couldn't imagine! My philosophy of life would be to simply create your own happiness. What I mean by this is, throughout life people are sort of created and defined by certain overall standards that society has for us. You have to follow your own path. Do what makes you happy. Whether that meets societys expectations or not, your self happiness is more important. Making yourself happy is very important in life because you only live once, make it count. My life long goal has been to attend the