Sean Schaber

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Welcome to my webpage! On this page you'll find a brief biography detailing my life and interests. You'll also find links to my semester 1 and semester 2 pages next to a link to my email. Below, you can see a few pictures of me at stages throughout my life, along with a picture relating to one of my main interests: history.

In the waning days of spring about 16 and a half years ago, I was welcomed into the world by my two loving parents, Jerry and Pam, on June 8th, 2001. I was born in Pontiac, Michigan, a suburb on the outskirts of Detroit. Unlike my brother, Scott, I did not have any connections with Pontiac, and did not attend any school there. We moved to our 40 acre plot of land when I was three, leaving me only vague memories of my early life in this new place that was Wisconsin. I was quite the rambunctious child, and I never stopped moving. In fact, I was so annoying to my parents that they decided to put me in kindergarden a year early at St Croix Falls. It was around that time when my sister came into my life. My sister, now in the military, was originally from Taiwan, and we adopted her when I was 6. Us three siblings did not get along very well most of the time, much like any other group of siblings. Of course, now that we're older we get along just fine. My life interests developed at an early age. Being so active early on had a large impact on life, leading me to the world of sports. Although I don't still participate in all of my sports, I have a love for football, hockey, soccer, and baseball. An interest of mine that developed at a rather late stage of my life is history. In my young teens, I discovered that I had an aptitude and love for the subject, allowing me to pursue it on my own time. It is not often that one can find something that they are good at and love, and I intend to take advantage of that now and throughout my life. I am looking to do that through college, either at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, or the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

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