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Welcome to my Webpage!

Welcome to my website. On display I have projects that I have completed throughout the year. All my hard work is displayed here. You can read a bit about me below or visit the Air Force link to see what I want to pursue for a career. You can click on the Semester 1 or Semester 2 links to view my projects. Any questions or comments, by all means contact me via email.

Seventeen years ago, a mother rushed to the hospital with support of her grandmother. In the morning of September 5th, I was born. Over the years of growing up I learned about world around me. As a young chap, I mostly lived with my great grandparents. My mother was off to college and this was before my she met my step dad. Long story short, my biological father was not around, and if he was, it wasnít worth my time. When my mother met my step father, we lived in Minneapolis for couple years. I moved around many household before I settled down in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. I live with my mom and my dad and two rambunctious pugs making homelife never a dull moment. Right away I had started school, and everything was off to a good start. I work hard in school and strive to keep my grades high. Ever since I was in elementary school I had good grades. I would thank my mother for this as she would work with me for hours making sure I understood the basics. Now she couldnít help me with my homework if she tried. I enjoy the outdoor and the activities that come along with it, biking, hunting, fishing and even archery. Itís a time I am able to relax and have some time to myself or bind with friends. For sports I am in Baseball and Wrestling, each teach me different life skills about hard work and good ethic. They also keep me in shape for what I plan to do with my life. When I leave St. Croix Falls, I hope to become a pilot for the Air Force. Iíve always wanted to fly and earlier this year when I flew a plane, it set my goals in stone. I wish to achieve the best and to do that I must work hard and be smart with my decisions in life.