If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better.— Anna Wintour

    I was born in the very small town of Saint Croix Falls Wisconsin. I was born wide-eyed and smiling my dad James Shoop said. I grew up in a very artistic environment with my brother Gabe. My family was always creating something. This helped me blossom into my artistic personality. My mom Kimberly Murphy also has a degree in Fashion Design which opened me to the fashion, cosmetic, and fragrance world that I admire so much today.

   I go to Saint Croix Falls high school and am actively involved with school volleyball and club volleyball. My life greatly revolves around my love for the sport. If I am not playing volleyball I am actively online shopping, looking a Vouge, or styling outfits. My love for New York City also plays into my personality. My parents used to live there so we often visit it to see my aunt or my mom's friends in the Hamptons. The city fills me with inspiration and excitement, it is my natural high. In my future, I plan on attending FIT (fashion institute of technology) in New York and getting a degree in cosmetic and fragrance marketing. Although I would also love to work for some high-end fashion magazine and do editing this is my plan for the moment. I love designing and planning layouts so I am very excited about my future, I have a lot of plans and aspirations. In my future, I am also very excited about my house filled with dogs and two cats.

"What is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and still lives." - Rapi Kaur