The first unit of junior seminar that we worked on was the who am I unit. One of the projects that we did was the who am I poster. One of the hardest aspects of this project was coming up with a theme that I wanted. There are so many different ideas that I could have used to show what makes me, me. I ended up basing the poster on my love for New York City and a short story that I saw at a booth in Washington Square Park. I chose a picture of Central Park in the fall that I have always loved for my background. It was hard for me to figure out how to add another picture to my original picture because I already liked my original picture so much. I ended up putting a small helicopter in the background but putting that in was a huge challenge itself. I struggled very much with this even my friends could help me but I worked with Mr.Gilbert to fix it. The next part of who am I unit was the narrative. In the first writing that we did which was sort of a pre-project test run I tried writing about a whole day in New York City. Putting a whole day into something that was meant to be short was very hard and didn't turn out the way that I wanted. The ending was very abrupt and did come across the way I intended. While working on the narrative for the poster though I slimmed down my whole day narrative into one moment. I struggled with repetition and piecing my work together in a way that made sense, but I am really happy with the final product. I think I was able to paint a picture and allow the reader to put themselves in the place of me. In statistics during the who am I unit, we worked on Two-Way Frequency tables. , scatterplots, and other ways to display data. I thought that how we got to learn what type of personality we have was a cool concept, and how we got to see what type our classmates were as well. We took the data and the numbers on each type of learned and calculated the percentages and totals of each category. We also separated these groups even more by separating the different personalities into our different color groups. All of them seemed to be balanced in the different types.

UNIT TWO: To Know Thyself: How Do I Know What I Know?

The first aspect of the second unit was the psychology poster. This had a great deal to do with technology. To make the poster I used photoshop to piece all my information about different psychologists and pictures of them. I had a lot of information so it was hard for me to have it all put together in an aesthetically pleasing way. For psychology, we focused on making a poster of different schools of psychology and the main contributors to the school. I focused on psychodynamic psychology. I had 4 contributors so it was hard, to sum up, all of the work that they did into small paragraphs that would fit on my psychology poster. In English, we chose from different topics that interested us and wrote a synthesis paper on them 2Learing and Motivation. . It was hard for me to piece all of my ideas together into one cohesive essay but I think I improved with my writing, and really worked to make it the best that I could make it. Lastly, in statistics, we took the grades average ACT scores and compared them ACT Correlation. . We used scatterplots and charts to analyze the information by using equations as well. It was hard to make the different charts and figure out what is what in order to make the information make sense

UNIT THREE: Am I a ghost or a machine?

This unit was a fairly big one in junior seminar. In tech, psych, English, and CLS we made our brain video. This project I thought was really fun, but super challenging, especially for my group. The first week we had an idea that we thought would be really cool and interesting. When it came time to film though Josey was unable to make it so we had to come up with a new one. We filmed that video and the next day we decided that we hated it. We ended up with a decent video for the time we had and the busy schedules that my group had. In psychology, we did the music and memory lab Music and Memory Lab. . In this lab, we saw how many words we could remember when we listened to different types of music. Once we ran this test we calculated the different information and made charts to show what we found. It was challenging to make so many different charts and put all the information together but once I did it made the data make more sense. In statistics, we did a data display lab where we compared the baseline ACT reading scores to the English scores Data Display. . We also mad different chars for this information to compare them better and in different forms.

UNIT FOUR: Is perception reality?

In unit four we chose an optical illusion. that we liked to study. For my optical illusion, I chose the Rotating Snakes one. When you look at the image it seems like the circles are spinning slowly, but in reality, they are not. Because of the alternating colors and the alignment of the colors with the different rows, it makes it seem as if they are moving clockwise.

UNIT FIVE: Dream a little Dream

For this unit, we worked on a lot of different projects. One was our juxtaposition writing in English. We thought about two different times in our lives that drastically changes and described them, I wrote about my daily morning routine with my brother at home and when he left for college. We then took that writing an incorporated it into our integrated tech project. We turned our writing into an eBook. I chose bedroom pictures that I like from Pinterest and worked my writing into it in a way that I found aesthetically pleasing. In statistics, we did a Sleeep Analysis. project. We compared how many hour students at SCF get and compared that to the average of students around the country. We also looked at how much time students spend on doing homework every night and tried to see if the effected how much we sleep. In psychology we took a look at our dreams and logged them in a Dream Journal. . We analyzed them and tried to figure out why we dreamed that and what category of dreams they fit in. We also mad different chars for this information to compare them better and in different forms.

UNIT SIX: Acting your age, not your shoe size: Does my cognitive maturity match my physical maturity?

For unit 6 we had a big project that incorporated psychology, English, CLS, and integrated tech. We made an Ebook that dealt with different stages of life. I talked about my experiences and what I have done with my life, a lot of it was about my successes I wanted to write about my life in a positive way. It was hard to come up with a lot to write for my later ages, but I just talked about my goals and aspirations for the future. In AP English we did a Frederick Douglass. project. Grace and I chose the topic of ignorance as a weapon of slavery. We took different quotes and evidence from the text to prove our point. It was hard for us to figure out how to display our project in a way that made sense but we made it work.As a whole, I feel like the webpage project was a challenge, especially at the beginning. I got so lost and confused with coding I didn’t think I would ever get it. I get it more especially now and it’s not very hard work, it just takes up a lot of time.
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