Sem 2

UNIT SEVEN: Am I more than a test score?

Unit 7 was the first unit of the semester. In statistics, we worked on the intelligence project. Grace was my partner and worked on the statistics aspect, but we used the empirical formula and equations to calculate what different scores we could get with the Stanford Binet IQ test. For the integrated technology portion of the project we used InDesign and photoshop to create a magazine that described our interpretation of intelligence. Designing the pages was definitely the easiest part. We have already done so many projects like this that I knew exactly what to do. The hard part was putting Grace’s and my pages together. That took a lot of trial and error attempts, but we figured something out. Figuring out the code again was hard because I forgot how to do a lot of it. In psychology, we researched the Stanford Binet IQ test. It was hard finding a lot of information that was not repetitive. We just looked up a lot of information and questions to find the information. In English, we did a completely separate project and wrote a college admissions essay. . I struggled a lot with figuring out what I wanted to write about, I had two ideas but I chose the one that I thought would be the best to write about for admissions essay that would be different from the rest. I overall struggled with writing my paper. I overthought it and I feel like I didn’t write my best. I still turned it in but I think with a different subject I could have done better.
Intelligence Interactive PDF
Intelligence Magazine CCR