Dawson's Applied Tech Website


In Applied Tech Media we are studying the broad field of communications and digital technology. The purpose if this website is to showcase the projects that vie created for each unit of study. Under each unit title will be a brief description of the unit and project and links to artifacts that Ive created. Enjoy!


Design Process Model:

The design process involves a series of steps that leads to the creation of a new product or process. This in not necessarily a linear process. Successful designs can move back and fourth between the six steps. Click the links below the check out the three different images of the model.



CADD Unit:Architectural & Mechanical Design

this unit was divided into two CADD sub-units: Architectural and Mechanical Design. Click here to learn more about these important methods of communication ideas to create useful products.


Packaging Unit: Container and Advertising Design

click here to see my packaging page


Animation Unit: