Caleb Steffen's Junior Seminar Web Page

4v1 vs NW

Hello, my name is Caleb Steffen and welcome to my webpage. On July 3, 2003 I was born to my loving mother and father, Jason and Hallie Steffen. I am now a sibling of four, Peyton, Autumn, Jordan and myself. After I was born in Minnesota, I came back to the beautiful city of St Croix Falls Wisconsin. When I was 3 we ended up moving into the little Villiage of Dresser until I was in fifth grade. I now split time in Dresser and St Croix Falls. Ever since I was little my dad brought me out to the farm teaching me new things each and everyday. Today, I still go out to the farm as much as I can during the school year. Farming is a huge part of my life and later on after highschool, I plan on opening up and creating my own farm here in St Croix Falls. Some of the things I love to do are farming, hunting, enjoying the outdoors and playing sports. The sport that I love the most is football. My goal is to extend my football career and hope to play as a University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldog. During the tough times in life I always look to the bright side in things. When we lost against Maple Northwestern in round two of playoffs, I looked to the bright side and that I still have one more year and now I have to push myself and my team to the best they can be during the offseason. My dad always told me, " Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard enough."- Tim Notke,another quote that pushes me and motivates me is a quote by Charles R. Swindell " life is 10% what happenes to you and 90% how you react to it". This pushes me because everything that happens in life is truly based on your actions.

3v1 vs Elk Mound