Reyna Stenberg

Welcome to my webpage! Reading this page will give you some information about me and what makes me who I am. If you click the links above, you can explore my Semester 1 and 2 pages or my Spotify playlists.

familyHaving been born and raised here in St Croix Falls I have grown to really love this town. My entire family lives within twenty minutes from each other and this is a huge blessing. My family has a major influence on my life and I wouldn't be who I am without them, my friends and my faith.

Over the last 16 years that I've been on this earth I have learned many things from people, especially my parents. The most important thing I've been taught is to be thankful for everything. I have been told I'm a very down to earth person and I know this is because of the way I've been raised. I live a very good life. I am always surrounded by amazing people. The places where I spend most of my time are home, school, work, church, and friend's houses. I wouldn't have it any other way, except less school. School is not my favorite place to be or thing to do. I would much rather be doing other things like fishing, hunting, playing music, traveling, spending my days on a lake or spending time with my friends or family. Based off my interests it is probably clear that I love being outside. I think we live in such a beautiful place that it would be a waste to live here and not be outside all the time. One of my favorite things to do is go stargazing. Staring at stars always puts me in awe. star quote I love looking up at the sky when I need to think about something because it makes me realize how small everything really is, even if I think it's a big deal. It puts everything into perspective and helps me think more clearly. I also love music. Even though I'm not involved in band or choir I can play a few different instruments. I love listening to music too. I am not a fan of silence, so you will find me listening to music almost all the time. I work at Flex Gymnastics, being no gymnast myself, I work with the very young kids teaching them easy skills and helping them to simply just have fun.

kids quote Children are my passion. In the future, which I have many unknowns about, I have my heart set on doing something with kids. I am not exactly sure what that something is yet, but I am working on figuring that out. A few careers I have looked into are early education teaching, becoming a medical assistant, or a children's counselor of some kind. Since I am not a huge school person my plan is to go to either a tech school somewhere close to home or do online classes through a university after I graduate high school. I plan on moving out after I graduate but I still want to be near all my family because I know I will miss them too much.

Thank you for taking the time to read my home page, hopefully you enjoy the rest of my website!