Cassidie L. Taylor


"All of life is peaks and valleys. Don't let the peaks get too high, and the valleys too low."

On the date of February 6th 2001 I was born at exactly 10:00 am; along with my two sister's Carlie and Catline. Yes, I am a triplet. My sisters were born a couple minutes before me, Carlie at 9:55 and Catline at 9:57am. I am extremely close to my sisters, doing everything with them, supporting them, believing in them, and being there for them through the thick and thin. I do have two older brothers, one I see frequently and one I hardly see. My childhood wasn't all that great. We moved around a lot, not staying at one house/apartment for more than three years. But now, I live in a house to which I don't see leaving quite yet. My parents separated when I was 7 years old, causing my mom to meet someone and remarrying when I was 8. That caused us to move. I had to leave my school, where all my childhood memories were, and move to a completely new town I didn't even know existed. I left all my friends behind, not knowing if I would be able to make any new ones at my new school. To my dismay, I did. I was fortunate enough to know the majority of the people in my fourth grade class due to meeting them over the summer. I was never really a shy kid growing up, I would normally always try to be the center of attention, But when I lost my dad (due to divorce) I became very shy and introverted. I started struggling in school, failing a lot of classes. But through all the challenges I was able to work hard to achieve my goal."The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come." - Bts. I'm extremely close to my dad even though I don't see him often him and I havean extremely strong bond. It's been about 8 years now and even though I don't exactly love how my life has been planned out so far, I'm extremely happy to be where I am. I have amazing friends, and amazing memories. I have been able to learn many new things, creating amazing experiences. I am very, very awkward and weird. I play the clarinet, making me a band geek; I love kpop, Iím afraid of the dentist, spiders, and many otherthings. I participate in DECA, choir, obviously band, and thatís about it.

"Just because the past didn't turn out the way you wanted it,

Deosn't mean you future can't be brighter than you imagined."

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