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"I will persist until I succeed"- Og Mandino

Welcome to my Webpage!

Welcome to my page! Included in this website will be a brief description of my family, some of my hobbies, my life goals, and a portfolio on what we did throughout the year in junior seminar. To get to my semester 1 page click here. To get to my semester 2 page, click here. If you would like to contact me, click here. Lastly, to watch me wrestle on Hudl, click here

Early in the morning of August 7th, 2001, in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, a baby was born. This wasn’t just any baby, however. In fact, it was I, Luke David Thaemert. My mother, Julie Lynette Thaemert and father, David Scott Thaemert were more than proud of their second child. I have always looked up to my father, David. If it wasn’t for my father, there is a good chance that I wouldn’t have acquired many of the skills in which I have today. My mother on the other hand, displays a completely different mindset. Not only is she the most laid back person I know, but she is also one of the most intelligent. If there has been one thing that my mother has taught me, it has been to be a respectful, wise, and discerning young man. I also have an older sister, Brooke. Throughout both of our lives, it has been a love hate relationship. One moment we will get along very well. Then, the next moment we will be fighting for endless hours. However, life with my sister off to college at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota, is very different. I only ever see her on the weekends and when I do, it seems as if I only see her for a very short amount of time. I have to say, life without her has been very dull.

I have attended school at St. Croix Falls for my entire life. Grades have never been a problem, as I have always been an avid student. Throughout all of elementary school and middle school, my grades were always good. Not until high school did I really put an emphasis on them. So far in high school I hold a 3.87 GPA. After school, I hope to go to college. So far, my top two schools include North Dakota State and Nebraska.. As for my occupation, I am stuck between being an agronomist and a dentist. Commonly, I like to refer to the quote "My success isn't a result of arrogance, it's a result of belief." -Conor McGregor. In my future, I hope that all of my success will come strictly from belief and never from arrogance.

Possibly my favorite thing to do, is to hunt. I hunt for several species such as geese, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, deer, and bear. My favorite of them all is waterfowl hunting (ducks and geese). Starting on September 1st every year, is the Wisconsin goose season. This year, we have harvested roughly around 150 birds. One of those birds was a very rare neck collar, C287. Some other hobbies I enjoy include fishing, bow fishing, farming, shed hunting, baseball, and wrestling. Wrestling is also very special to me. I have had a very successful career. So far in high school I have a record of 67-18. Last year was very disappointing, however, as I was ranked second in the state and failed to even reach the state tournament. This year I am coming back better than ever in hopes of a state title.