David's Junior Year

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This page is were you can find the links to all my work for Junior Seminar semester 1 and 2.

"Eventually, I want to move to Hawaii and chill forever."
- Riley Keough

    In a hot and dry day, I'm born in Fort Irwin, California; to Maggie and David Tompsett on March 23, 2002. After a year or 2 of being in California my family moves down to Texas for my dad due to him working in the military. Which was the being of my memories, from my first birth day parties and how my education in preschool started here. My family lived here together for 4 whole years, this is the longest I have every lived somewhere even to this day from me. But down in Texas I learned how to bike without training wheels and developed my hobby of playing video games. After 4 years of endless fun of biking in my cul de sac with dozens of other kids and running over to my friend's house for a night to play games or play with Legos all night if we wanted. But this did have to come to an end which was me moving away from my home to another for my father with my family.

    My parents decided the next stop in my life was Still Water, Minnesota. I was living there for 2 years which is where I went through 3rd and 4th grade. I had a lot of fun going to a big elementary school. But 2 years was to short for me to even gain many memories from all of that. After thinking about it my mom wanted to go to Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Which is where I currently am of this moment. When I lived here after Minnesota I first experienced middle school which is 5th grade at this school. It was so crazy for me, we had so much more responsibility then we had last year in elementary. Here we had more leeway and freedom then I could have ever imagined I could get inside of school. After another 2 short years of living my family all wanted to spend my dads last 2 years in the military at Oahu, Hawaii. We moved there during my 5th grade summer and when we got there we instantly went to the beach. We went to the beach 1-2 times a week so that we could get the full Hawaii experience here. At the beaches we could just play in waves or go snorkel and look at coral, rock formations and endless moving sea life or even boogie board. We got burnt out of all that right at the end of the summer luckily so when I went into 6th grade I had already spent plenty of days at the beach. My 6th grade year was the hardest for me to adjust to school wise, I didn't know how to be responsible for my homework and more class work. But once that was over 7th grade flew by very quickly and I was packing up to move back to Wisconsin. We flew back a day after school in Hawaii had ended for me. My dad retired that year, and this was the final place for me to be with my family and I was glad that I no longer was having to make new friends and get used to brand news schools anymore and I had already known people in this school. I have friends and family around me till I move out on my own now, which means I can focus on where I am going after high school and what I will be doing to support myself in my future.


"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me."
- Carol Burnett

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