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"Girls who can run in heels should be feared" ~ Anonymous


All About Me

    Hi my name is Brittany Tucker and this is my journey through junior year. I am currently 16 years old as i'm writing this(11/2/17). My family consists of my mom and my sister. My mom hates when it I call her "mother" or use her real name, which is Sandra. We look very much alike. Same brown eyes, brown hair, and the almost exact same face structure. If you hold a picture of both of us at the age of six, it is a perfect match. My sister and I don't get along very well. We pretty much fight all the time about everything. It gets tiring sometimes, because I am always right.
     I have a stepmom named Theresa. Eventhough she and my dad split, she is still another mother to me. When I go over to her house we always cook together and catch up. I love going over there because there is always an animal greeting me at the door. What I am about to say will haunt you too. I am naturally a chilly person, no matter what tempurature. Theresa keeps her house at what feels like below zero ALL THE TIME. I know, horrendous. Another activity we do together is paint eachother's nails. Theresa and me combined have enough nail supplies to run a salon.
     Due to my stepbrothers, Jake and Lincoln, I have a nephew and neice. My nephew's name is Jase, he is an angry four year old. Although he is the cutest, Jase has the biggest temper ever. Jase loves paw patrol. For anyone that doesn't know paw patrol is a kid show. It is about a group of dogs fighting evil in thier city. The mayor in the show has a pet chicken that she carries around all the time, which I think is silly. Jase's favorite dog in paw patrol is Chase, mostly because it rhymes. Sadly i know all about paw patrol, because that isall he wants to watch when I am with him. My neice's name is Sophia. Who is currently six years old, which makes me feel old. She has the blondest and curliest hairever. When she was younger, I caught her trying to give herself bangs. Let's just say she never went to cosmotology school. Sohpia is such a cutie, she loves to snuggle and watch movies. She is currently obssessed with unicorns, christmas 2017 I got her a unicorn jewlery box and some jewlery.


    I have quite interesting hobbies. Reading is an activity to do if I have free time(Which is very little). I also like to draw, but not anything wildly artistic. I draw fashion lines in my sketchbook. I do not want fashion as a career because it is too personal for me(if that makes sense). I've sewn many of my own creations. Just not confident enough to wear them in public yet. Another hobby obviously is sewing. It tends to relax me, and when I have a finished product, joy washes over me. Jewlery is another hobbie of mine that I like to do. I hope to sell mine some day. I also like to watch reality tv as a hobby. Shows such as, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, America's Next Top Model, Say Yes to the Dress, and lastly Four weddings. They're like a guilty pleasure of mine. My all time favorite hobby is napping. Napping is my form of relaxation. Although no one approves of it, especially my mom.

    This paragraph is dedicated to all the animals in my life. Theresa has two dogs, two cats, and a goat. The dogs names are Ginger and Ace. Ginger is a black poodle and Ace is a black and white weiner dog. The two cats names are Annie and Mia. Annie is calico and Mia is black and white. Mia is a boy because my nephew, Jase, named him. And lastly the goat's name is Clover, he is the fattest little black pigme goat ever. At my house I have two cats. Which are named Jasmine and Sassy. I got Jasmine when I was 5, so she is 11 years old. Sassy though definitely fits her name. Anytime we are in the same room she runs away from me; She tries to bite me when I pet her. I try to convince my to get me a dog, but she keeps saying no. Mother says once i'm on my own I can get a dog, but I want one now!

    Now it's time to talk shopping. I love shopping! I have an acute addiction to online shopping especially. My favorite shopping site is JustFab Also lots of my clothes are hand-me-downs. I own about 20 pairs of shoes, and counting. Most of my shoes come from Charlotte Russe and Maurices. Maurices is also the best place to get cardigans. When shopping I find the best sale or discount. Shopping name brand doesn't mean going to their store!!!! One great thrift shop is Plato's Closet. They have the biggest variety of name brand jeans, such as, Silvers, Rock Revival, Ambercromrie and Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, and even more. Another good thrift store is Goodwill, I like them for their dresses and rompers. Most of my jewlery is from botiques in small/touristy towns. Such as Prescott, Spooner, and Saint Croix Falls.     

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world" ~ Marilyn Monroe

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