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Welcome to my webpage where you will see a lot of silly pictures of me, my family, and my friends.

I was born August 23rd, 2001. Which means I am 16 years old right now. I was born in Maplewood, MN. I didn't get to meet my grandpa John or my niece Aiva Rae. I know they are watching over me and my family. My family is my life and I would do anything for them. I have a brother named Devann and a sister named Kellie. I have a neice and a nephew. My neice was born September 3rd and passed away September 10th. I have a nephew named Easton and he is two years old and has so much energy. My parents names are Denise Defiel and Terry Twiest. My name is Denae Aurora Twiest. I live in two houses. My dad has a house in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. My mom has a house in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin. I see my dad every other weekend, the rest of the time I am with my mom. My nephew Easton (age 2) lives at my moms with his mom. I have 4 animals. 2 dogs (Buddy and Peanut) 1 cat (Salem) 1 bunny (Stormie). I love all dogs. If anyone took me to a pound or a shelter with dogs I could play with them all day and not get bored. I secretly like my friends dogs more than my friends. Dogs are my life.

"Fear is stupid. So are regrets."- Marilyn Monroe

"So Special, so loved"-Hallmark

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Updated 11/8/2017