Clay VanBuskirk

"To be the man, you have to beat the man"-Matt Vold

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About my Website
This website is being created as part of my Junior year of High School. This website will contain information from the entire year which includes different projects we have worked on, assignments, and the specific classes that I will be taking. As a user of this website, you will be able to click on the different titles above and in certain areas you will be able to click on words and pictures to navigate to different cites.

About Me
On December 12th, 2001 at 12:12 in the afternoon a baby was born. That baby was Clayton Douglas VanBuskirk. I grew up with a very loving and caring family which included my father Doug, mother Sue, and younger sister Wrayanna. Around the age of two my family moved, from big city to country living which suited my family the best. Our house was built west of Cushing, Wisconsin. My closest neighbor being my grandpa Robert. All of these people have played a gigantic role in creating the person I am today, making me the best me. As long as I can remember my grandpas, my dad's, and currently my life has revolved around the outdoors. At the age of six I was taken to my grandpaís house to shoot a gun, I was given a 28 gauge which is basically the only and smallest gun I would be able to handle. At this point in my life I had shot BB guns and .22 but never at a moving target. Given a shell, the gun, and a clay pigeon thrower. I shot, hitting the clay pigeon in midair, this moment capturing my attention for the rest of my life. Now, ten years older my life has not changed. Iíve received an all-state award for trap shooting and hunting has become even bigger. Click here to visit WHS Trap League website. Over the years of hunting I have taken many different animals and have taken trips over 2,000 miles from home to hunt. I successfully harvested twelve different species of animals in multiple states. Hunting has taken a huge part of my life and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Other than hunting, I enjoy fishing, sports, and spending time with friends. In sports I have given my all and plan on doing this for the next two years of my high school career. I have played at a varsity level for basketball for one year and in baseball for two. Neither of these sports have started this year yet so another year will have to be added on.

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me"- Carol Burnett

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