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        Welcome! Throughout this page you will find a brief biography of my life and photos to go along with it. Click on the links for more information. :)

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The winter wind whipped snow tornados outside the hospital the day I was born: March 18th, 2001. Wisconsin welcomed me with a celebratory blizzard. But hey, no complaints here. I grew up with a love for every season provided. With winter came skiing, my older brotherís hockey games, playing in the snow with my dogs, and cozy nights inside with my family. Growing up with three older brothers meant nothing was easy. I felt left out most of the time, but I became closer with my parents. I spend quite a lot of time with them, and cooking Sunday night dinners became a tradition of ours. My two oldest brothers moved on and created households of their own. I now have two beautiful nieces and two crazy nephews. I love them to pieces.
As long as I can remember, adventure has been a huge part of my life. Our family road trips consisted of national parks and an abundance of hikes. The most memorable being Glacier National Park. Our vacations were weeklong canoe trips and biking around unknown cities. My dad put me on a mountain bike when I was 10 with no instruction and told me to follow. Nature became good for my soul, and nowadays, I cannot function properly without time spent alone in the woods with my dog every now and then.

In this way, one might believe I am introverted. Which is true, but I also possess many extroverted qualities. I enjoy meeting new people. In fact, if meeting new people were a hobby, it would be fairly high on my list. I think human beings can learn so much from each other: new perspectives, lessons, advice, facts, ideas, and especially about the world. I credit strangers and school equally for my wisdom. Also, I surround myself with loving and supportive friends who enjoy exploring and new experiences as much as I do.

As well as meeting new people, I love trying new things. In seventh grade, I ventured to my first volleyball practice and fell in love. I picked up my first guitar last year. Music has become the guide for my life, rarely am I without it. I am constantly searching for things to expand my knowledge. Throughout my experiences, I have learned not to take life too seriously, but at the same time I avoid living life with regrets. Itís hard to have regrets when you give everything youíve got at everything you do. So thatís what I do, accept things that come my way and handle them with care, hard work, and an open mind.

Updated 10-30-17