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                Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find my junior seminar projects and work that I
        have completed throughought junior year. You can also find more out about myself and what
        I plan to do in my near future as I graduate high school. Feel free to contact me with any concerns.

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you"
~ Jim Rohm

         It was the day of February 18th, 2002 when I was introduced to this world. I started my journey in the small town of Danbury WI where I grew up on a homestead of 10 acres. Here I felt young and free growing into the young country boy I was becoming. As I grew to the age of eight, my family of four, including myself, my sister, my mom, my dad, and my two dogs decided to make the move to St. Croix Falls.
        Here, the country began to wear off, although still inside of me, I began to fall in love with other things including football, soccer, hockey, and baseball. Growing through the years at SCF elementary school I began to transform into the person I am today. However, there was one year in general that I credit to transforming me. Fourth Grade, Mr. Clark, a man I feared from the very second, I saw him. However, he was good to me, although I had to redo my assignments about 99% of the time due to the “Messy bug”, he taught me to work hard and get through things. As I kept making my way up the ranks, I encountered some more great teachers including Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Germain who taught me things that went far beyond what was important in the classroom. This brings me to today. Although I have changed in many ways, I remain the same in some walks of life. If I am not enjoying the outdoors hunting or fishing, you can find me on the hockey rink, or the soccer and baseball field. Sports are something I take seriously because I feel that there are life lessons sports can teach you that nothing else can do a better job of teaching you. Thus, through these sports, great influences, and life situations I have become the person I am today.
         I believe that in life, those who do good, will receive great in some sort of way. I believe that hard work is everything, and failure is a good thing. I believe that if you are nice, you will be a happier person because of it. I believe that people should be confident in whatever they chose to do, and that people should always support others. This is what I consider to be the formula for a happy life, and thus far in life, it has worked for me. Within the next year, I will be turning the page and starting a new chapter of my life. As I graduate high school, I hope to attend The University of Minnesota to further my education in the health science field. During college, I hope to travel the country and the world. After completing my four years and becoming a registered nurse, I hope to re-attend school for two more years to become an anastasis. After graduating from the two extra years, I hope to pick up my things and move to the east coast to pursue my degree and continue my happy life.

"Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it."
~Charles Swindoll

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