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"Farming is not a hobby. It's a way of life"-unknown

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Welcome to my webpage.

Below you will find my bio, above are links to the work I have done each semester. Also how to contact me through email.

Me, Josey Wales Wilson, 17 in Saint Croix Falls High School. I was born in Russia then was adopted and brought to America by my parents at the age of 15 months, Jim and Kellie Wilson, and my previously adopted brother, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Without family I could not be where I am right now. I think family is first because they always have your back no matter what and will always remain loyal. Last but not least they are your best friend when you are in a dark place. Family is the only thing a person needs in life but having a life with more than family is a excellent gift you can have that comes free with out work. I also love to hunt. It's a second nature to me and helps me with patience and gives me time to think. It takes time to hunt, prepare for the hunt and then the kill is the most important and fun part of hunting. Click here to go to Cabelas website.

"WRESTLING" there are many sides to wrestling when it is brought up in a conversation. Some poeple think it can be fun and exciting but then there are other people who would rather not cut 20 pounds and go through the torture. Wrestling is a sport that is physical and self dependent, but when you work hard for what you want you will succeed.

"Only farmers know the difference between 5 mph and 5.5 mph"-unknown

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