Ellinora Wondra

The Extraordinary Ellinora Wondra

Hi! Welcome to my extraordinary website! If you want to learn more about me and my life, continue reading down below. If you want to learn all about my wonderful junior year, click on the separate links above. You may notice there is a separate link titled, Lakes Volleyball. This is a link to the website of the club volleyball that I play. I love to play volleyball, especially club. Happy reading!
            The four Cs of making dreams come true: Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, Confidence. ~Walt Disney

As a 17-year-old, my life has barely begun, my adventures have hardly occurred, and my person hasn't developed. Knowing this, my values in life are strong and yet simple. My main value currently, is to be me, Ellinora Grace Wondra to my fullest potential.

I was born to Chris and Lisa Wondra. As a young girl, I was an exuberant child filled with the color pallet of the world. I wore mixed patterns of many, and used the brightest colors taken directly from the sun. I wore my wardrobe with pride, and never stopped for a second to wonder what others thought. I danced around the kitchen with my older sister Emma for fun, I baked cakes for birthdays with my mom, and I read books upon books with my dad. I was fascinated by the world around me and what I could do with it. As I grew older, I lost some of my creativity and passion. I lost some of the mismatch in my wardrobe, but, maybe that's for the best. I also started to care what people thought, and how they viewed me.

All throughout middle school, I lost friends, and tried to find myself. As a middle schooler, I was involved in school student council, band, choir, forensics, destination imagination, drama, volleyball, track, and swimming. As well as dance when I was 2 until I was 9. This many activities may seem like a lot, especially for just a middle schooler, but these groups are what got me through those 4 years of middle school. If I had not been involved in these clubs and organizations, I would have fallen down a hole into self-consciousness and might not have been able to get out. I was a quiet middle schooler though, only myself when my close friends are around. I was nervous speaking to people, showing the real me. I showed an outwardly confident figure, but inside me, I was scared to slip up.

High school came around, and I blossomed. I tried out some new clubs and organizations, and I found out what I enjoyed. I loved choir, and decided to try out for chamber singers, the highest group of singers in our high school. I made it in. I ran with it finding people like me, finding people with my level of self-awareness. I continued student council. I loved it even more. I joined clowns, using my capacity for imagination and kindness for good. I continued a higher level in forensics and spoke out more than I previously had. I hung out with new friends. With the sky as my limit, it was as if I had found new air. I continued growing throughout my freshman and sophomore years, embracing more clubs and activities. There were struggles and there were successes. There were fears, and there were hopes. The main thing that I remember, is that I was me. I am me.

Currently, I am a junior at the Saint Croix Falls High School, and I am involved in many things including music, sports, and scholarly activities. Involvement in my school is part of who I am. Unfortunately, I have had to drop some activities that I have been in, in the past to allow for good change, but I still have those wonderful memories to hold on to. I am now the Vice President of the SCF HS Student Council. I am involved in choir, chamber singers, band (as well as marching band), and jazz band. I was the Vice President of our National Honors Society as a sophomore and continue to be present. I am a part of our peer helping group at Saint Croix Falls, Students Offering Support (SOS). I work with one lovely little boy every Wednesday during my lunch period for our kinship program. I have been in the high schools plays and musical, as well as participate in forensics. I love to play club volleyball and keep myself active in track. And one last activity that I absolutely love to do, is twirl the baton.

As for my future, I hope to continue learning and growing into who I am, and who I want to be. I dream of a time where my stress level had reduced, and yet I still can learn. Its boring to got through life in just to get to one place and find it boring. I want to travel the world. I want to make the world a better place. I want to find something that I am passionate about and can share. And I want to go to school after high school to continue to learn. I know who I am right now. But to me, the future will always be a mystery. And I intend to follow the path of life with open eyes to take every chance I get to see the world in a plethora of beautiful ways.