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Welcome to my webpage!

On this web page you will find a lot of things about me, if you click the links above you can see what we did in Semester 1 and 2.

My name is Logan Yira and I love being outdoors hunting and fishing. Bow hunting and gun hunting are the things I'm most passionate about. I have a good time fishing in the summer and winter with my family and friends. My family consists of my mom, Cindy, dad, Mike, sister, Hannah, and my puppy, Lucy, who is a black lab. We enjoy going fishing and boating together, and my dad and I hunt together every year. "If it flies it dies, if it hops it drops." -unknown. I feel like this quote represents me, because being outdoors is a big part in my life. In my future, I plan to better my education at a technology school for welding. I intend to still keep my hobbies of hunting and fishing. "I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become. " unknown.

The picture on the right is a deer that has been showing up on my trail cam this summer. I love to hunt, one website where you can find hunting gear is Cabelas.

The picture on the left is when I shot a turkey in Minnesota. I was hunting with my dad.

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